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  • Challenges in Learning a Second Language

    Challenges in Learning a Second Language

    Simulation-based learning is an immersive technique used to replace or amplify real life experience with guided experiences. Widely used to structure learning experiences in emergency preparedness, complex decision-making, negotiation and technical training, many of us overlook the usefulness of simulation-based learning as it pertains to learning a second language. In this blog, we will divulge…

  • Learning Leadership Skills through Online SIMS

    Learning Leadership Skills through Online SIMS

    Are you interested in improving your leadership skills? There are many options available, whether in person or online. While the traditional in-person methods have been around for years, simulation-based learning has gained momentum, especially after the pandemic closures. Simulation (SIMS) allow you to explore ‘what if’ questions and scenarios in preparation for day-to-day conflicts or…

  • Influence & Relationships

    Influence & Relationships

    Build them to change them… In an economic era of depressions and rebounds, one constant in sales gets consistently overlooked: the relationship between you and your client. Many companies overlook this factor. They focus instead on rigid sales programs that put the salesperson in a vacuum of staleness and mediocrity. Rigid sales systems, however, just…

  • The Power of Simulations in the Workplace

    The Power of Simulations in the Workplace

    The changing workplace landscape relies heavily on adaptability and resilience, as employees today are facing more challenges than ever. The advent of technological innovation requires team members to master new skills quickly to help companies continue to run like a well-oiled machine. There is no doubt about it, simulation is a low-risk way to prepare…